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A lonely February

Well, things are going along swimmingly.  The beginning of the month saw a very special birthdate for Lauren Elizabeth Busbridge, my neice.  That was very cool.  That same weekend I had my family baby shower back home near Toronto.  That was also cool.  If you’ve been a Life of K blog reader for any lenght of time, you know how important family is to me and how much I love spending time with them (no sarcasm – I really do!).  Oh, and I should also mention the pregnancy photo shoot that Rich and I did with Margaret (our wedding photographer).  It was an absolute blast and I will share the finished pictures with you as soon as I get them.  I am completely excited and impatient to see them.  I think they’re going to be really great!
So, since we got back from TO I’ve been on maternity leave, and let me tell you, I am B-O-R-E-D!  Bored.  There certainly is enough around the house to be done, (tidying, fixing, cleaning, keeping up with dog hair, dusting, laundry, getting things for Jaxson organized), but there’s only so much I can do in a day and the rest of the time I need to take it easy.  That’s the boring part.  With Rich gone to Texas, the house is too quiet – besides Yellow constantly barking whenever the neighbour dog barks.  To entertain myself, I have gone to get a pedicure with a friend, gone out for lunch, made baked goods for work friends and taken them coffee, made appointments to get both vehicles thier 3 month check-up, booked an appointment for a massage and invited Kelly to come for the weekend.  THAT, is going to be fun!
We plan to go out to a "fancy" restaurant for dinner, treat ourselves to a spa day and play a little bingo.  Now, I just need to get the house clean before she gets here!
Well, until next time…..no news is good news!
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Well, Christmas has come and gone and it was both busy and relaxing.  While we were home in Mississauga we got a 3D ultrasound taken of Jaxson.  That was really spectacular and I posted a few of the pictures here for you to see (don’t worry mom, I made you some copies to send you in the mail!)
So far he is right on schedule, everything developing healthy and normally.  Still no cravings of any kind for me and I think I’m a bit relieved.  I crave sweets enough as it is and I’m glad I don’t have to fight off anything stronger!  Now, at almost 7 months, I’m starting to get a little bit uncomfortable.  People are telling me that I really look pregnant now, and boy, can I feel it.  There’s a little waddle to my walk, my breath is a little shorter and rolling over at night is a big production.  I’m sure glad Rich is around to help me do things.  Just a few more short weeks and he’ll likely be off in the States for a month and I will have to fend for myself.  It won’t be all bad though as I will also be on Mat. leave in February – and am very much looking forward to that!  That, and while he’s away I’ll get the whole bed to myself!
Jaxson’s room still has a few things that need to be finished in it, then we plan on giving you a video tour of your very own.  I can’t wait until it’s all done and I can spend some early Mat. leave sitting in there, knitting in the rocking chair.
Well, that’s it for now – until next time!
Lot’s of love,
PS – Hi Maw Maw…I love you!
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Almost Christmas!

Hi Everyone!  Ready for Christmas?  I know I’m ready for a holiday!  Most of my presents are bought and wrapped, just have a few more to get that can only be bought in the big city.  I can’t wait.  We leave tomorrow!
Baby Jaxson is doing very well and growing as he should.  He loves to kick about all day!  So far everything is going smoothly and on schedule and as I enter my third trimester tomorrow, I’m hoping I can look ahead to more of the same.
We are almost finished the nursery – just a few more finishing touches and it will be set up to be filled with all those things Jaxson will need (diapers and such).  We are both so excited.  His room looks great and I’m even a little jealous – it looks much more fun than my own room!
We will be going for a 3D ultrasound on the 29th.  That promises to be extremely exciting as we will get our first real look at what the baby looks like.  You can be sure that I will post the pictures up here for everyone to see!
Well, one more sleep and then we will be hitting the road home to our friends and family.  If you want to get together just send me an email and I’ll be sure to reply!
Have a happy holiday and all my warm Christmas wishes to you and yours.
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Where is October going?

Yo peeps!  I can’t believe it is mid October already.  This is nuts.  Time is just passing me at light speed!  It will be Christmas next time I blink!
Well, tomorrow is my birthday and I’m finding that with the excitement of a new baby on the way, turning 32 has less luster.  I’ll be going to a spiritual retreat this weekend and that is my gift to myself, and that is good enough for me!
In baby news there really isn’t much to report.  I’m a little bigger this week and starting to truly, undeniably look pregnant.  I can feel the baby moving (usually in the evening or when I first wake up in the morning) if I put my hand on my belly.  I can’t feel it with my body yet though, but it’s coming.  Next week the baby will start being able to hear external noises.  Right now he/she can hear all my inside whooshing and my voice.  I’m hoping he get’s used to Yellow barking so that it won’t wake her up later on.  He can do somersaults, suck her thumb, wiggle her fingers and toes and his brain has connected the wiring needed to move with purpose and can explore her surroundings.  Very exciting stuff!  I have been scouring the penny pincher, our local buy and sell and ebay canada for baby items.  I just scored a stroller and car seat combo from a woman I know here in town in town (super yipeeeeee!).  My collection of baby things is growing and I’m eager to get things ready before Christmas.  There is a lot of house rearranging to be done and I’m not quite sure how much help I will be or how much energy I will have in my 7th and 8th months.  Certainly none to help lug a couch up from the basement and another down to the basement!  Any volunteers?  I’ll feed you and give you alcohol!!
In regular life news we just go a new Jeep, trading in the Jimmy.  It was simply a matter of needing four doors instead of two!  Well, that and the heat didn’t always work and winter is coming.  Rich is currently away for three weeks, so I am quite enjoying the zippiness of a new vehicle to drive each day! 
That’s it for now.  The microwave is yelling at me to come collect my lunch and my belly is more than ready!  Two more weeks until the baby gender reveal.  Stay tuned!
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Waterbirth Shmaterbirth

Bah Humbug.  There is not waterbirthing anywhere near or around me.  I need to do more digging.  It bothers me that I don’t get to choose.  Ah well.
October 30th will be the day that we get a visual ultrasound and find out the sex of the baby.  Unfortunately, I won’t have any news until then (no news is good news right?).  Being patient is so hard!
For now it’s just reading books, checking websites, continuing to eat well and doing some more research on this waterbirth thing.
HAve a great month!
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First doctor’s appointment

Well, yesterday we had our first appointment with the OBGYN.  I was thinking that he would do an ultrasound as I am a new patient, but no such luck.  I was looking forward to seeing the baby and hoping to get a glimpse of a sex clue.  We did, however, get to hear the heartbeat, and that was super cool.  He or she sounded very strong – even kicked at the ultrasound instrument when the doc was pressing down on my belly with it.  I sat watching tv last night with my hand pushing on my belly hoping to feel something – no such luck other than needing to pee!  I know, I’m so impatient!
I’m really stuck on the idea of having a waterbirth.  Something about being in a warm tub just makes me feel so relaxed about the whole thing.  It’s going to be tricky trying to find a hospital and a doctor that do that, but I will likely have to get a new OBGYN in Ottawa and make the commute for every appointment.  That part is kind of crummy, but I think it will be well worth it. 
That’s it for now.  As far as we know the baby is healthy, I’m pretty healthy, Rich is happy and things are great!  I’ll keep you up to date as soon as I have new news.
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